In keeping with the Indonesia spirit to have High Performance Buildings as it is a big country with high population, then one of the agenda in this CRC agenda, ASHRAE Indonesia Chapter will hold a Technical Seminar with interesting engineering subject on the quality of technical presentations and will also offer you opportunities galore to socialize and soak in the interesting High Performance Building Design.  The  Technical Seminar will be held in online format in August 20, 2021 start at 12.00 PM – 16.45 PM (WIB or GMT +7).

In line with the plan to move the Indonesian capital to East Kalimantan in 2024, where all government ministries office building will be built in one area/neighborhood. Then by applying the “District Cooling” concept will reduce the total cooling capacity demand for the whole buildings and reduce the energy consumption of the total cooling plant. The topic will be “District Cooling Through Master Plan Process - Creating a More Resilient, More Reliable, More Efficient and Lower Carbon Buildings” and this concept is one of the significant energy-saving solutions for a big complex which consists of many buildings  and that will be interesting to explore, consider and discuss. This topic will be presented by our high level knowledge Distinguished Speaker from overseas, Mr. Blake Ellis.  

He is involved and led the design efforts for the implementation of the first phase of the utility master plan for Texas Medical Center that include; chilled water, power generation, thermal storage and thermal distribution. Blake was ASHRAE Director and Regional Chair for Region IX and Member of ASHRAE Board of Director. Blake graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s of Business Administration. Blake is also an ASHRAE Fellow, Designated Design-Build Professional, LEED Accredited Professional and a Professional Engineer registered in fifteen states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

Other topic to be discussed is “The Indonesia Roadmap Of The Energy Efficiency Program In The Building Sector” towards an Indonesia reduction in green house gaseous of 29% in the year of 2030 and towards a full Net Zero Healthy Building in 2050. This roadmap includes the preparation of lowering the MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standard), Building Energy Codes, National Cooling Action Plan etc. The seminar has been planned and designed in such a manner as to accommodate serious discussions on all aspects of HVACR.

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The 24th Chapter Regional Conferece (CRC) - Technical Seminar Agenda